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LATEST UPDATE: On March 4, ERG collected dust samples at Okemos Public Montessori from the carpet in Room 106 and from a countertop in Room 112. Both rooms showed less than 1% spores and no highly allergenic spores were detected.


To ensure the safety of our schools, the district invited Environmental Resources Group to conduct sampling for lead in air/dust, asbestos air/surface, mold in the air and on surfaces.

During the fall of 2023, testing began at Okemos Public Montessori. All air test results came back undetected. Also in the fall, ERG tested carpet in three rooms for mold spores. After results came back showing mold spores above the 5 percent recommended limit, carpet was replace in two of the rooms (120 and 129) in late October. Carpet in two additional rooms (126 and 135) were replaced over winter break.


In November 2023, ERG conducted another air and mold test due to an unidentifiable odor near the gym at OPM. All results came back undetected and no mold or toxic chemicals were found. Although the odor has been undetectable since winter break, experts from ERG continue to investigate the cause of the odor.

Starting in early January and through the end of the month, testing was conducted in every room at OPM. When testing results showed area of concern, the district worked to quickly remediate the space and retested. All areas were deemed safe to occupy.

In March, ERG collected dust samples in two rooms that previously showed levels of mold or dust spores. Results from both room came back with less than 1% spores and no highly allergenic spores.

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