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Testing at Hiawatha Elementary

The following timeline shows when water was tested at Hiawatha and when results were received:

Screenshot 2024-03-20 130847.png


The Ingham County Health Department clarified when to seek a blood lead test for your student if you would like to have them tested.

“A blood lead test can tell if a person has had recent or ongoing exposures to lead. While the lead in the body will decrease gradually after exposure stops, those who have concerns regarding recent or ongoing lead exposure should receive a blood lead test.” 

Our communications reflect the guidance we received from the environmental health and childhood lead experts at the health department and from the environmental testing company ERG. We continue to share and seek feedback on our communications with them throughout the process. As a district, we recognize where our expertise ends and where we need their support.

Click the ICHD communication button above or click here to read more information on timing and type of blood lead testing, handwashing, and more.

2024 Testing

March 2024: As part of the district wide testing plan, Environmental Resources Group conducted lead in water testing at Hiawatha. Six areas throughout the building were tested. Four came back undetected. The remaining two tested below the district 5 ppb action limit - although the goal is to have no lead detected.


March 18, 2024

Room 30: Shubel Kindergarten (sink near door) = undetected

Room 120: Davis (at entry) = undetected

Room 329: Garvey = 4 ppb

Bottle Filler Near Restroom, Door 4 Wing = undetected

Kitchen Small Sink, Near Large Sink = undetected

Room 420: Parsons, Door 10 Wing = 2 ppb

2016 Testing

May 2016Triterra conducted a strategic sampling of water at Hiawatha Elementary. The test included six areas in the building. Results were received by the district on June 21, 2016. All areas came back undetected or below the Filter First action limit of 5 ppb.


May 4, 2016

Room 30 (sink bubbler) = undetected

Room 310 (sink bubbler) = undetected

Hallway near room 410 (fountain) = undetected

Service line = 2 ppb

Kitchen sink = 4 ppb

Music room (sink bubbler) = 2 ppb

Hiawatha Action Plan: Testing water at Hiawatha will be part of the district wide testing strategy that is currently being planned out by experts. Once a plan has been established, results will be shared here.

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