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Testing at Bennett Woods Elementary

The following timeline shows when water was tested at Bennett Woods and when results were received:

opm air timeline (2).png

2024 Testing

March 2024As part of the district wide testing plan, Environmental Resources Group tested 13 areas for lead and other contaminants in the water. Seven of those areas came back undetected, three areas with some traces of lead below the districts action limit of 5 ppb, and the remaining three testing above the 5 ppb action limit. Cold water had been shut off in Rooms 104 and 107, and as a result hot water was sampled. The goal of the district is no detectable traces of lead.


March 19, 2024

Wash Sink - Cafeteria Kitchen = undetected

Room 119: Kilpatrick, 1st draw = undetected

Room 119: Kilpatrick, 2nd draw = undetected

Room 118: Steinhaus = undetected

Room 206: Miller = 2 ppb

Room 104: Matina = 2 ppb

Bottle Filler Near Storage, Near Room 211 = undetected

Room 107: Hussain = 219 ppb

Room 102: Ivers, 1st draw (cold)= 32 ppb

Room 102: Ivers, 2nd draw = 4 ppb

Room 102: Ivers, 3rd draw = undetected

Room 101: Langford = 20 ppb

Main Office Health Room = undetected

Students are not drinking water from the classroom sinks, but they are used to wash hands. Handwashing is safe in these sinks, according to the Ingham County Health Department, when hands are fully dried with a towel.

We have been asking our staff to direct students to drink water only from filtered bottle filling stations throughout the building until further testing is completed. These bottle fillers filter out lead and other contaminants. Signs are now posted showing where students should fill their water bottles, and where they should not drink out of faucets.

The district will follow ERG's recommendations to clean faucet aerators and run water for 10 minutes each school day to flush the pipes. Faucet fixtures more than a decade old may have brass fittings that leach lead into the water, particularly when the water has been sitting. 

If you would like for your student to be tested for lead exposure, you can contact our partners at the Ingham County Health Department or your pediatrician’s office. The blood test is accurate only 28 days after exposure to lead, according to the ICHD. If you have additional questions, contact the ICHD Lead Testing Team at 517-887-4479. 

2016 Testing

May 2016Triterra conducted a strategic sampling of water at Bennett Woods Elementary. The test included six areas in the building. All areas came back undetected or below the Filter First action limit of 5 ppb recommendation.


May 6, 2016

Room 105 (steel sink bubbler) = undetected

Room 112 (steel sink bubbler) = undetected

Room near service line = undetected

Kitchen steel sink = 1 ppb

Hallway near gymnasium (steel fountain) = undetected

Kindergarten room (steel sink bubbler) = undetected

Bennett Woods Action PlanTesting water at Bennett Woods will be part of the district wide testing strategy that is currently being planned out by experts. Once a plan has been established, results will be shared here.

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