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Testing at Edgewood Elementary

February 2024Environmental Resources Group conducted lead in paint testing in a storage room at Edgewood. Results showed no lead was detected.


February 8, 2024

Room 102 = undetected

Room 104 = undetected

Room 106 = undetected

Room 110 = undetected

Room 112 = undetected

Bottle filler (near room 118) = undetected

Room 114 = undetected

Room 126 (bathroom) = undetected

Bottle filler (near room 112) = undetected

Bottle filler (across from gym) = undetected

Edgewood Action PlanTesting water at Edgewood will be part of the district wide testing strategy that is currently being planned out by experts. Once a plan has been established, results will be shared here.

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