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Water Testing

LATEST UPDATE: As part of the district wide testing plan, Environmental Resources Group sampled 12 areas for lead and other contaminants in the water. Five areas showed elevated levels of lead. No one has been drinking the water from the two sinks that tested the highest. The remaining seven area tested undetectable or below the district's action limit of 5 ppb - although the goal will always be no detectable lead.

ERG also sampled water from 12 areas at Okemos High School in March. Most of the 12 samples were undetectable for lead, and only one sample tested at the districts action level of 5 ppb - although the goal will always be no detectable lead. Results are now posted on the high school page.

ERG finished testing all of the schools in the district just before spring break started. We prioritized the youngest students and the oldest buildings to be tested first. Okemos is working to implement Michigan's Clean Water Drinking Act, known at the "Filter First Legislation" ahead of the state's 2025-26 deadline. The state is finalizing guidance on the legislation, scheduled to be released in late April, which will include a Drinking Water Management Plan template, guidance for filters, and training.


To ensure the safety of our drinking water, the district invited the environmental testing firm Triterra to complete strategic sampling in several areas in every school building in 2016.

During the fall of 2023, testing began at Okemos Public Montessori in response to discolored water in two rooms. After results came back with elevated levels of lead, the district took action following recommendations from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), the Environmental Resources Group (ERG), and the Ingham County Health Department (ICHD). Since the first round of OPM testing in October, three more rounds of testing have been done, expanding to the entire building and retesting rooms that previously showed traces of lead.

​The Environmental Resource Group and Ingham County Health Department are currently working to create the best strategy for lead water testing throughout the district. Results will be posted on this website and a more detailed summary of results can be viewed on each school's page.


- Michigan Department of Health and Human Services -

Lead and Your Health

- Ingham County Health Department -

Lead Testing Form

Lead Testing Team: (517) 887-4479

Lead Questions - ICHD Environmental Division: (517) 887-4312

- Okemos Public Schools -

Health Team: (517) 706-5008


- Michigan Filter First Law -

Filter First Legislation

December 14, 2023 Meeting

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