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Testing at Okemos High School

The following timeline shows when water was tested at OHS and when the district received test results:

ohs timeline.png

2024 Testing

March 2024As part of the district wide testing plan, Environmental Resources Group sampled water from 12 areas at Okemos High School in March. Most of the 12 samples were undetectable for lead, and only one sample tested at the districts action level of 5 ppb - although the goal will always be no detectable lead.


March 20, 2024

Kitchen Sink Next to Door = 2 ppb

Bottle Filler: Cafeteria = undetected

A103: Phillips = 2 ppb

A101: Miller = undetected

A105: Hollenback, 1st draw = undetected

A105: Hollenback, 2nd draw = undetected

C225: Carrier = 4 ppb

C124: Canestraight = 5 ppb

D135: Buggia = undetected

Main Office Restroom = undetected

2D Art Studio: Hollenback = 1 ppb

Women's Locker Room Sink = undetected

We have been asking our staff to direct students to drink water only from filtered bottle filling stations throughout the building until further testing is completed. These bottle fillers filter out lead and other contaminants. Signs are posted showing where students should fill their water bottles, and where they should not drink out of faucets.

2016 Testing

May 2016Triterra conducted a strategic sampling of water at Okemos High School. The test included seven areas in the building. All areas came back undetected or below the Filter First action limit of 5 ppb.


May 6, 2016

Service line = 2 ppb

Kitchen sink = 1 ppb

Hallway near C125 (fountain) = undetected

Auxiliary gym = undetected

Hallway near B217 (fountain) = undetected

Hallway near A110 (fountain) = undetected

Hallway near C225 = undetected

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