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Okemos Public Montessori Facilities Committee

The OPM Facilities Committee brings together parents, school staff, and various stakeholders to work together to address environmental building concerns, future testing scope and results, and communication plans. They will also work to create a communication plan for sharing information with the greater OPM and OPS community.

Next meeting: TBD

Committee Members

Kelly Sundeen
OPM Principal

Erin Gould
OPM 1st & 2nd Grade

Susan Soper
OPM Parapro

Natalie Warren
OPM Student Alumni

Sue Hallman
Okemos Community Member

John Hood
OPS Superintendent

Kelly Bertilrud
OPM 3rd & 4th Grade

Jennifer Hall-Berman
OPM Parapro

Katie Cavanaugh
OPS Board Member

Brian Lieber
OPS Director of Operations

Jillian Winn
OPM Parent

Mark Polsdofer
Okemos Elected Official

Lori Mazzullo
OEA Representative

Jennifer Schlicher
OEA Representative

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